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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 20, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> surgery through dangerous heat. the heat wave is in full force. >> good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon. jim donovan is off today. an excessive heat warning just went into effect. let's get to kate fehlinger who has more on how hot it feels right now. katie. >> yes, it is quite brutal rahel. you said it a couple triple digits already showing up on the heat index. let's start it off just very quickly with the numbers to
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beat if 24 end we were to end up with a.m. couple of -- a couple of records. so, here's that excessive heat warning as well as the heat advisory. look where you're located and where you fall. regardless everybody except the poconos is included in this. it's still hot up that way too just not quite this oppressive. it may feel as hot as 103 those at the core where the core of that heat is located and there's no centralized. urban corridor, you go into delaware and even parts of southern new jersey that already feels like the triple digit, in philadelphia at the philadelphia international airport like it's flirting with a hundred already and we still have many hours left of the afternoon to go here. so, as the day does progress, obviously the extreme heat and humidity are the primary story. you have to factor in that humid. an isolated thundershower will
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help cool off a couple communities but don't bank on that everywhere. most of us stay dry and coming up we'll let you know exactly how long this heat will actually last us, when is the relief in sight, but it is in sight in the seven day rahel. i'll let you know later on. >> that's good news katie. thank you. in other news this noon septa police released body camera footage avenue police shooting in kensington. officers were responded to reports of a woman shot. reporter henry rossoff is live. >> reporter: to set the scene the video is from one of three septa police officers who opened fire by the way four philly police officers also opened fire. they were in the kensington neighborhood by the somerset el station responding to the report of a woman shot. that's when neighbors pointed them in the direction of a suspect. watch and listen
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>> hands up, hands up, hands up. [gunfire] >> reporter: we've freeze framed the video here so you can see the moment just barely visible with this resolution officers say a man is pointing a gun at them there. a gun was recovered on the scene. we've slowed down some other shots. you can see some muzzle shots from a weapon. police account says the suspect who is in critical condition by the way only raised a weapon. it's still very much still under investigation. this happened only around 7:30 last night so this is very quick turn around for police video of any kind and unusual really when you look nationwide. we asked the septa police chief about just that. >> if we don't put out the video, you know, there might be a jump to a conclusion that what occurred didn't occur and we want to provide what -- what we could early on so that people could -- could see what we have. >> reporter: we're being promised higher resolution
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video from septa. we'll have that for you later. we also asked the police chief about how septa's officers body cameras work in light of the very high profile situation in minneapolis where officers shot and killed a woman and the body cameras were not on. live at septa police headquarters henry rossoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> investigators back at the farm where four bodies were found last week. chopper3 over that scene in solebury township. members of the philadelphia police department's k-9 unit are assisting in the search for any possible evidence on the property. the bucks county district attorney's office says the farm is still considered a crime scene although it could be released back to the owners soon. meantime family and friends are remembering thomas mayo one of the victims of the bucks county killing. his funeral mass was held this morning. he will be laid to rest at resurrection cemeteries.
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services for the other vic comes continue into the weekend. cousin cosmo dinardo and sean kratz have been charged with the murder. words of support continue to pour in for arizona senator john mccain. president trump put out this statement that reads: former president obama tweetd in part cancer doesn't know what it's up against. give it hell, john. and senator lindsey graham says he and mccain spoke briefly with mccain insisting he'd be back. >> we talked about five minutes, you know, it's going to be a tough way for it but he says i've been through worse. >> the 80-year-old mccain had surgery last week to remove a blood clot above his eye. doctors say analysis of the clot revealed the cancer. and just about half an hour ago senator mccain himself tweeted i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon. so that stand by. happy to hear that. senator mccain is diagnosed with glioblastoma.
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it's the same cancer that killed beau biden and senator ted kennedy. kenneth craig has more about that possible treatments and outcome. >> reporter: glioblastoma is an aggressive form of brain cancer that can be tough to treat. >> a glee yo' blastoma is the most common and unfortunately also the most malignant primary brain tumor. >> reporter: increased pressure in the brain can cause symptoms including headache, nausea, vomiting and drowsiness. the average patient survives about 15 months. >> i always encourage my patients that averages are just that, they're averages and there are many people who do better than average and i have that patients who live for two, five, even 10 years. >> reporter: the american brain tumor association says more than 12,000 cases are expected to be diagnosed this year. treatment for glioblastoma typically involves surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible and then chemotherapy and radiation. many patients are also opting for experimental treatments.
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>> tumor vaccines or immunotherapy, viral therapy. there's a new device that basically you can wear and creates alternating currents that are designed to confuse the tumor cells. >> reporter: senator mccain is said to be weighing his next treatment options with his family and doctors. kenneth craig for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> you may remember earlier this month we told that you senator mccain is this year's recipient of the liberty med today. it's unclear at this time if this cancer diagnosis will prevent mccain from being able to accept the award in person at the october ceremony. many will be watching live this afternoon at former football star o.j. simpson goes before a nevada parole board to ask for his freedom. the 70-year-old will appear from video conferencing from prison. simpson has served more than eight years behind bars for an armed robbery conviction. many legal experts say the odds are in simpson's favor that he'll be granted par.
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>> if he's not granted parole i think there's going to be a lot of scrutiny on this parole board and they're going to say you treated him wrong or you treated him unfairly because he was o.j. >> if parole is granted today simpson could be released in early october. cbs news will carry simpson's parole hearing life. coverage is expected to begin at 1 o'clock right here on cbs3. >> ♪ and still ahead this noon, the best of style. home accessories shopping beauty even desserts. the experts at philadelphia style magazine have put together their topics and we have them for you. plus a terrifying crash caught on camera. incredible no one was killed. why it happened next.
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>> welcome back. take a look at this. this scary crash was caught on camera in china after a car stopped an a highway. that white car suddenly stopped after missing an exit. a car approaching from hyped had no time to come to a stop and slammed into the white car. the crash injured six people and the driver was charged. back here at home philadelphia will get a temporary district attorney today. 13 candidates interviewed for the position yesterday. a decision is expected this afternoon. the appointee will serve until either republican beth grossman or democrat larry krasner take over in january. they face on and off a general election in november. former district attorney seth williams is in jail. a manhunt after a mother
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and daughter are stabbed overnight in south philadelphia. the mother did not survive her injuries. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo brings us up to date. >> reporter: philadelphia police are piecing together a violent scenario that unfolded on this south philadelphia block thursday morning. a mother and her daughter were both stabbed and left for dead. neighbors recalled the surreal screams of other neighbors trying to get help. >> i heard them saying she's dying, she's dying. >> they were there for her. they stayed with her and they called for help. >> reporter: it was just before 2:00 a.m. when police and medics arrived to the 2700 block of daily terrace. they found a 21-year-old stabbed in the neck and her 48-year-old mother stabbed multiple times in her neck and body. both victims were taken to local hospitals in critical condition. the 48-year-old mother died. now police say the suspect is the daughter's ex-boyfriend, his motive possibly a bad breakup. >> he was upset at the fact that he got dumped, that she broke up with him just a few days ago. >> reporter: investigators
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say this suspect is also known to police. he's been arrested in the past so they have his photo, they have his last known address in north philadelphia. they also have realtime crime cameras in this area that spotted him running from the scene. neighbors found themselves angry after learning about the deadly stabbing. >> kill innocent people. life is crazy. >> reporter: long time next door neighbor earnest harris is still in shock. but he recalls the fight between the young couple just earlier this week. >> they had a incident on monday and then she called the cops. >> reporter: homicide detectives are now investigating. police tell us there was one other eyewitness inside the home at the time of the attack, although they're not identifying that person, they do say the witness is speaking with police. in south philadelphia, jan carabeo cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, dangerous heat has settled over the area and katie what do you think might we get a break this weekend? >> i don't really think so. >> okay. [laughter] >> the worst of the heat is definitely out there today and the tomorrow rahel but it is still going to be hot. it is still going to be humid and granted while i do think
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you'll see some sunshine and some clouds we've also got to worry about a couple of showers or thunderstorms that come along with the weekend so right after the break we're going to walk you through this whole forecast. there is an end in sight to the 90 plus degree heat and we'll let you know when that gets here right after the
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>> one of the most anticipated magazine issues is on newsstands right now. it's philadelphia style magazine's best of style issue. philadelphia style is the go to guide for anything essential and everything extravagant. joining me is kristen. you'll show us some of your favorites. >> yes. this is fun to always go through and pick my favorites because we have so many winners and it's so hard to pick winners in philadelphia.
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>> let's start with home. >> flowers t-it's just an instant pick me up from beautiful blooms. they have an amazing selection. she do a lot of wedding floral design as well. perfect to have at home. i also like to keep flowers in my office since we spend so much time there so it's a nice little mood boost. >> absolutely. boost your decor, your mood, win-win. >> right. >> accessories always fun. >> right. so s-men's and women's and two local philadelphia spots so geisha house. we have new accessories and fun fashion jewelry and sunglasses as well perfect for this time of year. also for men's eyewear oliver peoples at commonwealth proper. they do custom clothing. they've branched out a little bit and they're incorporating more accessories so these are philadelphia exclusive and
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they have fun cufflinks and pocket squares. it's worth stopping in because the boutique is just gorgeous. >> i love the wooden framed glasses. i haven't seen those before. >> it's like a matt wooden. they're very on trend. i think men and women cam wear them but they look really great on again. >> beauty, always love beauty shopping. what do we have here. >> always fun to pick the beauty ones. 3,000bc in chestnut hill the latest and greatest skin care services and fillers and facials. they have their own products which are really wonderful as well some other things and our christmas in july special. and then adolf beaker locations around the city. they have a spa at 16th and sansom but known for their hair services and they carry everything they do they use evadea product products. >> we have to of course include some food. >> we have a lot of dining options desert always fun to
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talk about. in philadelphia nobody does italian pastries like philadelphia termini brothers and they're known for their cannolis and i love their italian cookies also. >> if you want to be a little healthier we've got something right here. >> right. you can have the cannoli at nice and juice the next day so sip and glow is that local. they have a handful of locations in philadelphia. all of the great expected flavors and also some of these little shot juices if you need a shot of energy or, you know, to wake up. >> sounds really good right about now. thank you kristen. and again the july august issue of philadelphia style magazine is available right now. and katie joins us right now with her steamy forecast. katie. >> yeah, rahel i can really go for one of those cannolis or maybe a good gelato. that would hit the spot on a hot day like this right. is it a taking a look at storm scan3 which remains nice and clear at the moment. well off to the northwest just behind the three of storm scan3 some pretty heavy thunderstorms rumbling through
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upstate new york and if lake ontario. that looks like it's going to bypass to the north. there had been concern that it might drop a little further south. let me show you what we expect in the next few hours. on future weather you'll notice these little speckles but this is highly isolated. a stray shower or thundershower is all we get throughout the rest of the afternoon to help cool off a couple of neighborhoods. now, here's some pretty heavy thunderstorms that will roll through right across that new york-connecticut state border here and out toward long island. that's the general expectation for the placement. if it drops a little further south maybe those of you traveling i80 or 78 could get in on that toward nightfall so keep that in mind but with that many said most of us are just going to bake away in the sunshine and the heat through the rest of the day and even overnight you don't really get much relief. here's where we currently stand. we showed you the feels-like values earlier in the broadcast. these are the actual air temperatures. you can't go by this, you have to factor in the humidity but this is at least giving you a sense of where we stand. low 90's up and down i'm 95
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factoring in the humidity it feels hotter but we expect to hit 96 degrees at the airport. let's talk about how it feels out there and what you want to be looking for when it comes to heat illness when it comes to exhaustion do you feel dizzy or faint excessive sweating rapid pulse or clammy skin. get to the air conditioner. find a way to stay cool. drink lofts water. on the flip side a little bit more severe, a bad headache, no sweating, hot dry skin, nausea and unconsciousness. if you see any of these symptoms in anyone or feel them yourself call 911. that could be a sign of heat stroke and we really want to you take care of yourself its not like we've never seen this kind of heat before, this is typical over the course of any given summer in philadelphia but these are one of the -- this is one of those days and tomorrow as well where you just need to be extra cognizant. 71 is count dewpoint. that's high -- current dewpoint. it's high out there and bordering on unsir rabble depending on your location with dewpoints climbing higher
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in southern new jersey. there's a lot of health impacts with this heat today especially if you fall in that sensitive category. children, elderly asthma, anything like that. this is going to be a bothersome stagnant air mass for you. look at the hundreds of umbrellas lining this beach. i love seeing this because it is all in all a great beach day perfect excuse to jump in the ways but man that sun is vicious so i'm glad to see that people are taking care of themselves and making sure of course if you're going to head out this afternoon that you lather on that sunblock. as we look ahead in the eyewitness weather seven day, the 90's keep on going. you'll see spotty thunderstorms fire up tomorrow as well and over the course of the weekend perhaps they're a little bit more widespread. i'm thinking primarily p.m. hours of saturday. any time sunday or monday for that matter. but no day is a washout per se and then deep breath rahel, the release finally comes. 82 degrees going to feel like it might as well be january come tuesday but we finally
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break the worst of it. >> i don't normally look past the weekend i'm normally looking toward the weekend but i'm going wait for tuesday. >> i can completely understand. >> thank you. >> but if you do get out today, here's something fun to do for the whole family. look no further than the oval plus. the summer program is back for it's fifth season along philadelphia's eakins oval. in addition to interactive games an beer garden this year visitors can get lost in a maze maybe play mini golf. the oval plus is open wednesdays through sunday many sundays until august 20th.
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>> welcome back. it's been 48 years since that famous small step and giant leap for mankind. apollo 11 landed on the moon surface 4:18 p.m. july 20, 1969. more than 200,000 miles away half a billion people were watching this footage on black and white televisions. neil armstrong placing the first foot on the moon and planting an american flag on its surface leaving an indelible mark on american history. that is "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm rahel solomon for jim donovan who is off katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> and "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 don't forget we're always online for you at >> "the young and the restless" is next. stay cool.
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